Projection system for multifunctional industrial applications


DELAS è un sistema di proiezione innovativo per la segnalazione di linee luminose orizzontali per applicazioni multifunzionali, nel settore industriale.
Simple to install, it allows easy adjustment of the length and thickness of the projected line.
DELAS is ideal for industrial applications requiring projection of light lines over long distances.


Signaling moving elements

Marking of walking paths

Delineation of areas used for loading/unloading (overhead cranes, forklifts, etc.)

Horizontal signaling


Laser-projected lines immediately and intuitively delineate the area subject to danger, always ensuring the safety of operators.


The DELAS floodlight is weatherproof so it can be installed and used both indoors and outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions.


Easy to install, DELAS allows its configuration according to the specific user requirements.

Performance and 2 class classification tests were made for the DELAS projector at the Politecnico di Milano university.
  • Input voltage

    85 ÷ 305 Vac +- 10%

  • Operating temperature

    -40 +65°C

  • Thermal protection

    Present at 110°

  • Input current

    0.13 ÷ 0.04 A

  • Weight

    1.8 Kg

  • Cooling

    Static (No fans)

  • Input frequency

    0 – 50 – 60 Hz

  • Emitting angle

    10° – 110°

  • Technology

    Laser diode

  • Materials

    Anodized aluminium and stainless steel aisi

  • Protection rating